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30_onepiece's Journal

30 Pieces (a 30 community for OP fans)
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A 30 challenge for One Piece fans - WITH A TWIST!
Group Community Disclaimer of Ownership: One Piece is the creation of Oda Eiichiro, and we are but fans creating fan works.

Please be warned this community is currently under construction and some things are liable to change. Please bear with us! ~Dixxy
theme change and changes to Gold Roger eligibility periods; Nov. 1/11 ~ Bronze

The Challenge:

Welcome to 30 Pieces, a One Piece fic challenge community. Choose your favourite One Piece character or pairing, and write (or draw) 30 pieces of at least drabble length, using the given theme set as inspirational prompts. For every challenge round, a new theme set is provided, and old theme sets are retired to the archive for reference or future claims. Challenge rounds begin in July, November, and March, and last for four months.

If you complete a challenge within the first four months it is available, you will receive the Gold Roger Award. If you complete a challenge anytime after that in the first year, you will get the Silvers Rayleigh Award instead - this includes people who sign up during Gold Roger eligibility periods and don't complete it on time but complete it within a year - even if this is after Gold Roger eligibility ends. After that you'll get the Usopp, the World's Greatest Lover Award.

Word Limits:

We don't have a maximum word count, but fics should be a minimum of 100 words. If you can manage to write a 40,000-word epistle on the theme of "squid" (for example) and finish the other 29 themes inside the four months, more power to you!

Obviously, a word count doesn't apply to art pieces, so we have no specific minimum limit there. However, as a rule of thumb, any pieces which are not prose fiction should be "worth at least 100 words of prose." Poetry and AMV's also fall into this area. Please ask a moderator for further details.


You may claim and write for a single character, a pairing, or a larger group, but you may make only one claim at a time per round. Should you complete a theme set for a particular claim, you may make an additional, different claim for that round (so, no taking the same character/pairing/group twice for the same theme set).

You may claim any existing canonical One Piece character(s), but OC's are not eligible; this is, after all, a One Piece challenge!

A brief clarification regarding original characters: While OCs are not eligible as claims, they may still be used in your responses. For example, you cannot claim "Luffy x OC", but you can certainly include everything from random nameless shopkeepers to fully fleshed out villains or associates as needed! We simply ask that there are no original character claims.

Up to three separate people can claim an individual character, up to two people may claim a given pairing, and one person may claim a particular threesome/moresome per round. This limit is per theme set - for example, three people can claim Nami for theme set one, three people can claim Nami for theme set two, etc. You can make up to three concurrent claims (from three different theme sets), and you must have made at least some visible progress towards completing one or both of the first sets before making the third claim.

Claims for the current theme set can be made in the current claims post. A moderator will confirm your claim, or let you know it's already fully booked and that you are on the waiting list, as soon as possible. If you wish to drop or change your claim, please let a moderator know immediately, so that your claim spot can be offered to another author. Claims may also be made for previous theme sets in their respective claims posts.


We are currently in the 7th round of challenges, for which Gold Roger eligibility runs from November 1, 2011 to February 29, 2012.

The theme-set for this round is inspired by Ace/Blackbeard and Thriller Bark:

#1 ghost #7 salt #13 wedding #19 negative #25 horror
#2 second chance #8 Bink's Sake #14 theatre #20 bath #26 garden
#3 dawn #9 determination #15 etiquette #21 solitude #27 gate
#4 wings #10 invisible #16 darkness #22 zombies #28 frozen
#5 music #11 spider web #17 gravity #23 replacement #29 proposal
#6 mad scientist #12 underwear #18 cute #24 1000 #30 skeleton

Please bear in mind this is a 30 challenge - only one theme per piece.

Yes, we allow multi-chapter fics covering multiple themes, but please ask a moderator for further details.

Posting Format:

Please use the following format to post your pieces to simplify record keeping:

Please use an lj-cut or fake-cut for all fics. We'd prefer you post the fics to this comm if possible. If you are posting more than one (short!) fic per post, please repeat the above information separately for each one.

Additionally, please tag your entries with the following format:

Your LJ Username - Set # - Claim

So, for example, if dixxymouri is writing a Sanji x Nami piece about a prompt from theme set #1, her tag would look like this:

dixxymouri - set#01 - sanji x nami.

This will help us find your entries when it comes time to archive you should you complete your challenge. A moderator will make a tag for you when you post your first piece; after that you can, and should, tag your own pieces.

About Ratings...

30_Pieces accepts fanworks of any rating, and places neither restrictions nor requirements in this regard. Therefore, claims are limited only by number as specified above.

However, because some material may not be suitable for younger viewers, if your piece has an R/M or higher rating, please warn for the specific type of content (violence, sex, language, etc.) that is responsible for the rating, and friends-lock the post.

Also, we would like to remind you that this community is hosted on Livejournal, and Livejournal places restrictions on the content it will host. As indicated in its ToS, Livejournal is (still) headquartered in California, USA (regardless of ownership changes and server moves), where the legal age of consent for sexual activity is 18. Therefore, if you are posting a piece which includes explicit graphic sexual content, please ensure that all characters involved are represented as being of age as specified by Livejournal and the laws of California.

Please see the information post for definitions, further details and reasoning on these requirements, as well as a list of links to several sets of common ratings systems in current use.

The Payout!

When (if) you complete your 30 pieces, your prompt table or link list will be added to the appropriate award archive - the Gold Roger Award if you complete it during the first four months, the Silvers Rayleigh Award if you complete it during the first year, or the Usopp, the World's Greatest Lover Award if you complete your claim any time after that.

Got Questions?

Just ask! Your moderators are dixxymouri and bronzetigress. Your junior mod is mishagirl or allbluechaser.